Stewart Beamont

The behaviour and style of the leaders in a business is a hugely significant factor in the long term success of that business.

It is not just their technical excellence which is critical. This should be taken for granted, and is fairly easy to nurture. Success will depend on their ability to genuinely engage with their people and with their clients and customers. And this will depend on a high degree of self knowledge, emotional intelligence, and authenticity.

Exceptional leaders require a range of ordinary qualities on top of their technical ability… enthusiasm, optimism, energy, willingness to listen, openness to change, the ability to give praise and credit to the people who deserve it, a propensity to learn. Plus the ability to analyse (alone or with others) complex data and find a practical way forward. How can such leaders be found? Particularly in organisations where technical excellence gets you to the top even if you are wholly unequipped with enthusiasm, optimism etc!

Our experience is that some relatively simple processes will nurture successful leaders.


We can work with you to:

• articulate the real qualities and characteristics of exceptional leaders in your business


• use this as the basis for recruitment and promotion to leadership roles


• develop a method of measuring and providing feedback to existing leaders against this model


• after the feedback, provide development programmes for individuals and leadership teams