Stewart Beamont

Really successful businesses have a real understanding of what sets them apart from their competitors.

Are you able to articulate your brand... the qualities which make you different and which will give your clients and customers a superior experience? Are your people able to talk with enthusiasm about the vision and values of your business? Do you have a plan to capitalise on the diversity of your people? Does each individual have a clear understanding of how his or her role fits with the overall business strategy? And is each individual supported by a real network of training, challenging work opportunities, and great workplace coaching?

• We have direct experience of organisational design and programme development in all the above areas in both public and private sectors.

• We work with leadership teams to develop medium and long term strategy

• We create development strategies aligned with business strategy


• We work with professionals at all levels to create competence or capability frameworks


• We assess the effectiveness of performance management systems, and work with you to design improvements


• We design development and assessment processes for senior people, including the use of psychometric assessment


• We design and deliver teambuilding events for leadership teams